Henry County Collaboration - Vote June Wood Henry County Collaboration - Vote June Wood

Henry County Collaboration

Henry County Collaboration in Action

The Power of Henry County Collaboration! As another example of having a cohesive voice, Henry

County will receive $16,950,000 for the I-75 Western Parallel Connector from Hudson Bridge to

Jonesboro Road and potential funding for the additional interchange on I-75 for traffic relief off of

Highway 155.

The success of this connector being funded was a direct result of Henry County’s Transportation

Improvement Plan. It was also a result of Henry County Government Assistant County Manager Cheri

Hopson Matthews’ presentation of key Henry County traffic relief projects, as well as the presentation

by State Representative Andy Welch, regarding safety and traffic relief of an additional interchange on

I-75 off of Highway 155. Henry County’s Georgia Department Of Transportation (GDOT) Board

Member, Dana Lemon, also supported as did the Henry County Delegation, several representatives from

Henry County’s Government, State Representatives, Development Authority, Chamber of Commerce

and Henry Council for Quality Growth.

For this and more, I am absolutely proud of Henry County. I am delighted that “WE, Henry County” met

with GDOT Board Member Dana Lemon, GDOT Director of Planning Jay Roberts and his team as one

cohesive professional voice in Atlanta to request funding which resulted in this big WIN for Henry

County. Being part of the Henry Team which made the presentations illustrates with a unified voice and

plan Henry can capture funding.

When elected to the position of Chair of the Henry County Board of Commissioners, it is this type of

community collaboration and leadership that I will continue to emphasize and lead. As Chair of the

Henry County Board of Commissioners, I will continue my leadership and advocacy for Pro Quality

Business, Pro Quality Jobs and in this case, Pro Quality of Life for Henry County.

Remember to Vote June in May. A leader with proven leadership and experience.


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